National Service Scheme (NSS)

NSS Committe 

Name Role

Dr. A. S. Sherikar (Committee In-charge)

Associate Professor

Mr. O. B. Patil

Assistant Professor

Mr. Nilesh Patil

Lab Assistant


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NSS Activities 2022-23 Report

NSS Activities 2021-22

NSS Activities 2020-21

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NSS Activities 2019-20 Report
NSS Activities 2018-19 Report
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Gmipse of Activities




The National Service Scheme (NSS) is launched in the college in order to promote social consciousness, a sense of responsibility, and a sense of discipline and dignity of labour among college students. The scheme utilises the leisure time of students in various item of social service, which not only helps the community, but also provides an opportunity to the students to understand the conditions prevalent in the community. The ultimate aim is to develop the personality of students through community service. The NSS unit conducts two types of activities; 1) NSS Special Camp and 2) Regular Activities

1) NSS Special Camp:

During the year the NSS unit adopted village under Munijan Yojana for NSS special camp. The following activities were conducted during the NSS camp.

  • Tree Plantation
  • Eye Checkup Camp
  • Blood Group Detection camp
  • Heamoglobin Detection Camp
  • Health Checkup camp
  • TT Vaccination Camp
  • Village Cleaning
  • Guest Lectures (Prabhodhan)
  • Cultural Activities
  • Distribution of Deworming medicine
  • Village Survey

2) Regular Activities:

During the year 2017-18 the NSS unit celebrated/conducted following activities

  • Tree Plantation
  • International Yoga Day
  • College Foundation Day
  • World Pharmacist Day
  • ‘Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan’
  • Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
  • Blood Group and Heamoglobin Checkup camp
  • Blood Donation Camp