Parent Teacher Association: PTA

PTA is formed to promote close cooperation and communication between parents and the faculty and staff of the college. The association works hand-in-hand to make our college the best it can be for our students.

The objective of the association is;

  • To encourage parental involvement in student’s progress, and
  • To help create a collegial environment, promoting overall development of the students.  


The constitution of the committee is;

Name Designation

Dr. J. I. Disouza


Dr. Mrs. U. S. Chougule

Admin. Officer

Mr. M. V. Shinde

Faculty In-charge & Class teacher Final Year B. Pharm

Dr. M. C. Mahanthesh

Academic In-charge

Mrs. S. S. Shinde

Class Teacher T. Y. B. Pharm

Mrs. S. D. Gaikwad

Class Teacher S. Y. B. Pharm

Mr. A. S. Sherikar

Class Teacher F. Y. B. Pharm

Mr. K. S. Patil

Coordinator M. Pharm


Parent of M. Pharm. Students 


Parent of Final Year B. Pharm. 


Parent of Third Year B. Pharm.


Parent of Second Year B. Pharm.


Parent of First Year B. Pharm.


Glimpses of PTA meet...