Grievance Redressal Cell (तक्रार निवारण कक्ष)

Grievance Redressal Cell is constituted as per  THE GAZETTE OF INDIA, MARCH 23, 2013 (CHAITRA 2,1935) (Part III Sec. 4) and for the appointement of Ombudsman necessary communication is made with the University. 

The name of the Ombudsman shall be uplaoded once approved by University. 

The composition of the cell is as follows; 

Designation Name
Principal Dr. John D'Souza
Senior Teacher Dr. M. C. Mahanthesh
Senior Teacher Mr. A. S. Sherikar
Senior Teacher Mrs. S. S. Shinde
Student Representative (S. Y. B. Pharm.) Miss. Kavita S. Wanganekar


Student Development Cell (विद्यार्थी विकास कक्ष):

Student Development Cell is functional in the college with the compossition as follows;