Department of Pharmacology

To become a centre of excellence in preclinical research



To train the students in practical and theoretical aspects of pharmacology 

To develop research skills in particular in animal studies to ensure efficacy and safety of pharmaceuticals


Faculty of Department of Pharmacology 




Mr. Sandeep D. Chavan

M. Pharm.

Associate Professor

Mr. Ravindra A. Patil

M. Pharm.

Assistant Professor

Mr. Ajit B. Patil

M. Pharm.

Assistant Professor


Pharmacology is the science concerned with all aspect of action of drug and other chemicals on living system. It involves examining the interactions of chemical substances with living systems, with a view to understand the properties of drugs and their actions at the molecular level. It encompasses the subjects like anatomy, physiology, health education, pathophysiology, toxicology, pharmacovigilance etc.

We impart effective academic research and novel teaching methods to develop the graduates who will contribute to developments in medical field. The young, dynamic and meritorious faculty of the department with well equipped laboratory helps to train the students in all aspects of subject.

The department has highly sophisticated instruments like  Digital Plethysmometer, Students Physiograph, Microprobe Digital Thermometer, Semi automatic analyzer, Actophotometer, Analgesiometer, Electro-convulsometer, Cook’s Pole climbing apparatus, Rota rod apparatus, Elevated plus maze for mouse and rat, Projection microscope, Students organ bath and assembly, Kymographs and Sherrington's drums etc. 


Electro Convulsometer

Pole Climbing Apparatus

Elevated Plus Maize


Projected Microscope


Auto Analyser

Student Organ Bath