Warana Bazar

Campus provides co-operative store; Warana Bazar, founded in the year 1976 and started functioning on 2nd April 1978. Warana Bazar has been accepted as a model stores by all concerned. It has proved to be a successful store in the country. The success of Warana Bazar has inspired the emergence of many more co-operative stores in different parts of Maharashtra, Goa and other States in the country.

In the era of globalized economy too, Warana Bazar is achieving heights of success with yearly turnover of Rs. 113 cores, shouldered by 555 employees and Member’s strength of 20111 out of them 80% are women members which is the special feature of this unit. Warana Bazar has 2 big department stores and 55 branches & 3 franchies. Daily turnover of warana bazaar is more than Rs. 35 lakhs and the society is in surplus since beginning.

Warana Bazar in warananagar serves all the needs of students and staff of SWVSM including stationary, clothings, toiletries etc.