Department of Pharmaceutics (PG)

To be globally recognized as a centre of excellence in pharmaceutics and drug delivery through our innovative work in research and education


  • To provide graduate and post graduate students and doctoral fellows with a fundamental understanding of the pharmaceuticals, dosage form design, manufacturing and evaluation
  • To conduct innovative inter-disciplinary research to improve drug delivery and patient care
  • To expand federal funding, strategic partnerships and collaborations with industry, regulatory agencies, non-profit organizations and other universities


Post Graduate departments in established in 2010, encompassing subject areas, advanced pharmaceutics, modern pharmaceutics, drug delivery systems, regulatory affairs, modern pharmaceutical analytical technology, research methodology & biostatistics etc. The curriculum constists of the subject areas, which can support students to transform into formulation scientists. 

The Department has major equipments like – High pressure homogenizer (HPH), Spray Dryer, All Purpose Laboratory Equipments, Rotary Tablet Press, Colling centrifuge, Stability chambers, Ultra-turrax, Dissolution test apparatus, Automatic tablet tester etc supported by sophisticated analytical instrumentation provided in Central Instrumentation Facility.

All Purpose Apparatus

Tablet Autotester

Cooling Centrifuge

High Pressure Homogeniser

Tablet Press

Spray Dryer

Stability Chamber

Dissolution Test Apparatus