Department of Pharmacognosy

To develop into a centre of repute in herbal drug research



To instill knowledge and skills in herbal drug discovery in pharma graduates 

To develop graduates with competencies in development, quality assurance, regulation of herbal drugs


Pharmacognosy is concerned with the study of crude drugs of vegetable and animal origin. The subject deals with biological, biochemical, therapeutic and economic features of natural drugs and their chemical constituents. It is interrelated with botany, ethnobotany, marine biology, microbiology. 

Phytochemistry (Phyton- Plant) is the chemistry dealing with plants or plant products or natural products (chemistry of natural product).

These chemical constituents may be therapeutically active or inactive. The ones which are active are called active constituents or active principles (Alkaloids, Glycosides, Tannins, Volatile oil etc).  

This lab is fully dedicated to UG, PG for the research, and provides expertise to students in the field of isolation and separation of chemicals from the plants.

Major equipments available in the department include Projector Microscope, Compound Microscopes, Soxhlet apparatus, Percolation apparatus etc.

Soxhet Apparatus

Projected Microscope

Compound Microscope