Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Imagining, Discovering and Analyzing New Chemical Entities



To develop world class pharmacy graduates with competencies to meet requirements of pharmaceutical industries

To provide knowledge of pharmaceutical chemistry about the physicochemical properties of chemical entities, their reactions and mechanisms useful in the area of drug discovery and analysis


Faculty of Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry




Dr. Chemansaheb M. Jamkhandi

M. Pharm, Ph.D.

Professor & HoD

Dr. Amol S. Sherikar

M. Pharm, Ph.D.


Dr. Kiran S. Patil

M. Pharm, Ph. D; MBA

Associate Professor

Mr. Mayuresh V. Shinde

M. Pharm

Associate Professor

Mr. Vinay A. Bagal

M. Pharm

Associate Professor

Mrs. Supriya D. Gaikwad

M. Pharm

Assistant Professor

Miss. Ashatai  B. Patil

M. Pharm.

Assistant Professor


The department is well equipped to introduce fundamental subjects to the students so that a strong foundation is laid at the very beginning. This foundation serves as the building block for all other subjects in the entire B. Pharm course associated with medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry and pharmaceutical analysis. The department is involved in teaching pharmaceutical analysis to the undergraduates. The curriculum includes extensive lectures and laboratory sessions to ensure that students can connect theory to practice and apply their theoretical knowledge gained. The field of pharmaceutical analysis is very dynamic and the curriculum ensures that the students are kept abreast with the latest development in this field. They are taught classical and modern analytical techniques including the application of sophisticated instruments like HPLC, UV, IR, PH meter, Conductivity meter, Digital refractometer, Nephelometer and Fluorimeter etc. for drugs, pharmaceuticals and chemical agents. 



UV Spectrometer







PH Meter

Conductivity Meter



SOPs at Derpartment of Pharmaceutical Chemistry