Committee for Extra Curricular Activities 

Remember that,


It’s not all about academics,

It’s about growth and experience..!

Extracurricular Activities conducted in the college always works as Positive Force to do well in academics. Students will learn some of the most important life’s lessons outside the classroom, through the extracurricular activities. It provides them an opportunity to engage themselves in productive things and discover who they want to become.

Extra Curricular Activities Committe 

Name Role
Mrs. Supriya Gaikwad  In-charge


Extra Curricular Activities

Year Database

Extra Curricular Activities 2022-23

Extra Curricular Activities 2021-22 Report
Extra Curricular Activities 2020-21

Unable to conduct activities because of Covid-19 pandemic 

Extra Curricular Activities 2019-20 Report
Extra Curricular Activities 2018-19 Report
Extra Curricular Activities 2017-18 Report


The activites are beneficial for students...
  • To shape up in the multi-round personalities.
  • To evolve general attitudes and outlook.
  • It expands their knowledge, it expands their world.
  • It provides opportunity to learn how to cultivate relationships, conflict resolution, and leadership skills.
  • It makes college less stressful. The social aspect of extracurricular activities can help students decompress and take a break from the stress that tey experience.
  • It helps to avoid burnout caused not by doing too many things, but always doing the same thing.
  • It can also help provide a place for the practical application of learning during the academic sessions and even help them understand better.






It transforms student into prospective employee as participation in extracurricular activities shows that student have divergent interests, drive, and motivation. It helps students to launch their career once they leave college.

College organises Annual Social Gathering named "Crescita" and encourages students to participate in inter-collegiate extracurricular competitions.