Redressal Grievance

Redressal Grievance form


While keeping with the tradition, all student of TKCP are asked to maintain discipline and decorum in the campus and refrain from any activity that can blot the reputation of the institution. Violation of this will result in inviting disciplinary action.

Identity card should always be kept by the students and produced on demand by the authorities.
Ragging in any form or time is banned in the campus as well as in the hostel and all students are adhering to this rule.
Smoking, chewing tobacco/ tobacco-containing products and use of alcohol are strictly prohibited in SWVSM campus.
Possession and use of mobile phones in the college is strictly prohibited.
Students using the two wheelers are asked to limit the speed up to 20 km/hr and not to have more than one pillion rider.
Vehicles should be parked in the parking space only.
All students are advised to maintain the environment clean and not to liter campus.
Students should come to the class room in decent and presentable attire.  
Dressing of students should be formal.
Writing on walls, toilets, roads and pasting of posters on the wall are strictly banned.
College tuition fee, exam fee, hostel mess dues and other charges should be paid
 well in time to avoid any embarrassment.
Do not indulge in any act of sexual harassment of any women.
Do not bring any political influence in matter pertaining to your career.
Discipline and decorum should be maintained in College functions.
Strike, Picketing, Gherao are totally banned in the campus.
Use of Internet for the purpose other than academic related activities is banned.
Prescribed dress code (clean white-coat, head-mask, gloves etc) has to be observed in respective labs.
Laboratory journals, rough notebook and other records should be brought and instructions should be followed accordingly.
A congenial atmosphere should be maintained in the laboratory and classes.
MMisbehavior with students/Staff will not be entertained in labs and, if any,
 it will be seriously dealt with.



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